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Terms and Conditions
Virtual Office is not and never has been part of any group, plc or limited company and as such has sole rights to their name and identity and terms of trading.
Once the details of the assignment have been confirmed and the costs discussed, the client will be required to provide a signature to agree to the terms and conditions supplied and to acknowledge the commencement of the detailed assignment and costs.
Virtual Office reserve the right to refuse any assignment that they feel may be illegal or of any detriment to themselves or any third party.
A cancellation fee may be charged dependent on work already completed and/or resources used.
Virtual Office can provide a round the clock service where the turnaround of an assignment is 48 hours or less, however additional costs may be incurred in these instances.
All documents will be securely stored on our system and all information held is strictly confidential.
All assignments will be produced in draft format before finalization. Final proof reading will be the responsibility of the client unless previously agreed. Virtual Office cannot accept responsibility for typographical errors in documents that have been finalized and agreed by the client.
Virtual Office is not VAT registered, and as such all costs are exclusive of VAT.
Dependent on the nature of the assignment, at the time of delivery/collection an invoice will be issued which may require immediate settlement by cash or cheque. Alternatively, for larger assignments a deposit may be required in advance. All payment methods will be discussed at the point of initial enquiry.
Completed assignments will either be e-mailed to the client, delivered by post to the client or any chosen postal address, or collected from Virtual Office by the client.
Generally charges include all stationery, postage and land line telephone calls within the UK. For larger assignments, stationery and postage may also be charged and an additional charge will be made for overseas postage and faxes.

virtual office - high quality secretarial services

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